Texas Dulcimer Chorus. Pittsburg, Texas

Upcoming Events

September 12-16 - Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas

Plenty of information at their web site.

October 4-7 - Winter Creek Reunion, Bennington, OK

Headliners include Fennig's All-Star String Band, Joe Collins, Grandpa's Neighbors, the Vanderveer Brothers, and the Boggy Bottom Babes. For more details, see the festival web page

October 6 - Club meeting

Octover 6th is our regular monthly club meeting. We meet at the Annex building of First Baptist Church at the intersection of Hwy 271 & Jefferson St. Our normal schedule is for beginner & intermediate lessons for mountain dulcimers and hammer dulcimers. The lessons are from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. followed by a club jam.

The hammered dulcimer players will be on their own because at least two of the club's hammered dulcimer players will be at Winter Creek Reunion.

We hope you can come!

November 2-3, 2018 - The 7th Old Mill Music Festival

Located in the heart of the Davy Crockett National Forest in Kennard, Texas. Musicians include: Rachel Eddy, The Purple Hulls, Spencer and Rains, Kristyn Harris, Stephen Seifert, Pipp Gillette, Roy Book Binder, The Vanderveer Brothers Stringband, The Laughing Lizards, Gaston’s Merrymakers, and Lloyd & April Wright. For more information: Lloyd Wright, Email:, Phone # (936)222-8895 or April Wright, Email:, Phone # (936)222-3110. Or go to their web site.

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